Residential Water & Sewer Inspections, Meter Sets

As of Jan. 1, 2021, the new process for Single Family Residential (SFR) home water and sewer line inspections will be conducted through a qualifying 3rd party, State of Colorado registered engineer that has been engaged by the Builder. 

This change is intended to provide more flexibility to Builders, including how and when the installation and inspection of residential water and sewer service lines takes place to better fit into each homebuilder’s individual construction process.

Significant changes to Standards and Specifications include the following:

  • Cleanouts will be required on all sanitary sewer services;
  • A pressure test will be required on all water services – the test will need to be performed at service working pressure OR 50 PSI air test. PWSD-approved idler bar (part# FORD IDLER – 2-NL) must be in place for pressure test but will need to be removed prior to the meter set

Here is how the process works: 

Tap fees must be paid prior to the acceptance of a passing inspection packet by PWSD Field Services.

Builder to hire a 3rd party to complete SFR water and sewer service line inspections (this must be a registered PE). The Builder will be responsible for providing 3rd party with the correct specifications and details for a standard water or sewer service line inspection or for a PWSD-approved variance.

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  1. Applicants seeking a variance to standard specifications shall submit a request by address with proposed alternative specification and detail to PWSD Engineering Department with the plan submittal for review and consideration prior to the request for/submittal of inspection by 3rd Party. Additional review fees/timelines apply. If approved, the builder is responsible for providing 3rd party inspector with approved alternative specifications and detail to conduct applicable inspections.
  2. The project shall have probationary acceptance granted by the PWSD Engineering Department, and tap fees for address shall be paid to the PWSD Accounting Department prior to the PWSD Field Services Department acceptance of the passing inspection packet. Otherwise, the inspection shall be rejected by the PWSD Field Services Department, and the applicable builder will be notified. Additional fees may apply.
  3. Passing water and sewer service line inspection is required prior to the request for a meter set. A meter set shall not be scheduled prior to PWSD receipt of the passing water and sewer service line inspection packet. PWSD requires a minimum of two business days after receipt of passing inspection to update project tracking to release the address for scheduling of the meter set.