Canyons Water Tank & Pipeline

Schematic of the Canyons Tank Project, In order to support our growing community and customer base, Parker Water & Sanitation District is constructing a new 5 million gallon water storage tank and pipeline in the Happy Canyon neighborhood. The project will include the following elements:

  • The tank will be located on PWSD’s property near the intersection of Mesa Drive and Outter Marker Road. The tank will be made of pre-stressed concrete, and it will be buried underground. 
  • A 24” pipeline that will run 1,580 feet and connect to Castle Rock Water’s WISE water line. The purpose of this line is to fill and empty the tank into the distribution system. 
  • An additional 16” drain line for the tank that will run 2,993 feet will also be constructed for infrequent use to drain the tank in instances that water quality does not meet standards, or in the event that the tank requires maintenance.
  • An emergency overflow outlet structure to be used very infrequently, namely in the event that the tank level instrumentation cannot communicate with PWSD's controls and the tank overflows. This typically happens when storm events cause power outages.  
  • A 30' communications tower and sensors associated with the new infrastructure will be constructed near the tank. 

PWSD has been planning this project for many years and has had construction designs in place since 2008. It has been postponed until now as other projects and funding have taken precedence. However, with the recent growth in The Canyons, it’s now necessary that we complete the project so that we can provide adequate storage and pressure to that part of our service area.

Why is this project important?

Currently, PWSD only has one water tank located in Zone 3. By adding a second tank we’re able to add critical storage and system redundancy, while also increasing positive pressure and increased fire flow in the system.

What is the timeline for the project?

Construction on the water tank will begin on August 15, 2022, and construction on the pipeline is scheduled to begin later in the process. The two projects will then run concurrently with full completion scheduled for December 2023.

What is the budget for the project?

The budget for this project is $14.5 million. While all projects completed by PWSD have an impact on rates, the costs for this project were part of the District’s long-term capital plan and therefore included in our long-term rate plans along with many other necessary projects and costs.  

How will this project impact the community?

The project will be fenced off and will be occurring on PWSD’s property or acquired easements.

Residents in the area can expect to hear construction noise and traffic in the area on weekdays from 7:30am – 5:00pm. There is also potential for weekend work if it’s deemed necessary. Any variances will be approved by Douglas County.

Because the tank will be buried underground, the project will involve digging and hauling dirt from the site. Traffic will include heavy machinery, cement trucks, tractor trailers, construction staff vehicles, etc.

Will it impact any businesses by preventing access or reducing traffic?

This project is located in a residential neighborhood and should not have an impact on local businesses.

Who are the partners on the project?

We are partnering with Garney Construction, SM&RC Structural Engineers Inc., and Providence Infrastructure Consultants on this project.

Are you using any new and interesting technologies?

We are relying on traditional, tried and true methods to build this tank and pipeline, just as we have for the other ones in the District. In fact, this will be the 7th water tank located within the District.

Who should the public contact about the project?

Inquiries about the project may be directed to the PWSD Engineering Department.