Who benefits from this project?

Our goal is to protect and work with the communities and individual business and land owners who will be affected by this project. 

The project will benefit various groups in multiple ways:


The PVWP protects agriculture by not allowing new ‘buy and dry’ water through its infrastructure and will provide much-needed water to northeast Colorado agriculture. The project will benefit water users in the LSPWCD.

During typical conditions, the intent is for PWSD's tenant farmers to make use of existing senior water rights for irrigation purposes and continue the farming operations.


While current water resources are sufficient for existing PWSD customers’ needs, the population it serves is projected to double by 2040, and groundwater supplies are diminishing over time. PWSD’s goal is to build a water resource portfolio that is at least 75% renewable. The PVWP would allow PWSD access to more than 20,000 acre-feet of reliable, renewable water annually.


Regionally, there will be short-term, economic benefits from construction activity and long-term benefits through the development of a new water supply that addresses local shortages and increased recreational opportunities at the two new reservoirs.


The project provides new off-channel storage and will enhance wildlife habitat through the creation of new reservoirs.

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