Understanding My Bill

Parker Water & Sanitation District recognizes that we have a responsibility to equitably charge for services. Below is information to help you understand your bill a bit better. 

A few things to keep in mind: 

  • Parker Water & Sanitation District bills for services monthly.
  • You will be billed monthly for one to three different services, depending on which services are provided to your property: water service, wastewater (sewer) service, and/or storm water service (provided by the Town of Parker).
  • Rates & other fees must be approved by an elected board of directors and if district rate adjustments are made, these typically occur once per year (usually made effective January 1st of each year).

Enroll in Paperless Billing

Reduce clutter and help the environment by enrolling in Paperless Billing. To enroll visit our online payment portal, select “Pay My Bill” from the payment portal, enter your PWSD account number and last name (or business name), then register your account to access this option. Please note that whichever “paperless” option you select will apply to all active users on your account.

What You Need to Know

There are two rate and fee components for both water and wastewater on your monthly bill. One is the fixed charge and the other is based on how much water you use each month.

Water Bill Sample - Bill is broken up into a fixed monthly service charge and volumetric charge.

Fixed monthly service charges are in effect for water and wastewater whether there is usage at the property or not, and cover more general costs, including making service available to the property, meter reading and billing.

Volumetric/usage charges are based on the amount of water used.

Wastewater bill example-Bill is broken up into a fixed monthly service charge and volumetric charge.

For most customers, monthly wastewater flow charges are established using an average of your metered water use from the months of December, January, and February (an alternate calculation may be used for nonconforming non-residential cases). This standard industry practice is used to identify how much wastewater is going into the sewer system and is being treated each month throughout the year. On each monthly bill, the lower of metered usage on your statement or this average volume factor (listed as the “Winter Average” on your statement), is then multiplied by the flow rate to establish your monthly Wastewater Flow Charge.

Generally, this means you are not paying wastewater charges for water that is being used to irrigate your lawn during the summer. Your Winter Quarter Average (WQA) is updated annually each April and this factor is indicated in the Wastewater section of your billing statement.

Stormwater Fee

This is a fixed monthly fee that Parker Water collects on behalf of the Town of Parker for those residents living with the Town limits. For more information, please visit the Town of Parker's website.

Estimated Residential Bill Calculator

Please use the calculator tool below to estimate your monthly residential water bill. 

The bill totals are estimated based on input of correct information. This calculator reflects residential bills only. It does not reflect commercial, multi-family or irrigation bills. 

Calculations exclude the $8.70 stormwater fee paid by Town of Parker residents.