Manage Your Water Use with AquaHawk

AquaHawk is a no-cost water management tool that allows you to monitor your water use in nearly real-time and set customized alert notifications to help identify problems sooner. 

Rather than being surprised by your next bill, become a proactive water manager using this online tool to help identify leaks and abnormal water use in a timely manner. This advancement has been made possible through PWSD’s recent investment in state-of-the-art metering technology.

How do I sign up?

Visit AquaHawk's website to register. You can also download this step-by-step guide (PDF) to help you set up your account. *You’ll need your PWSD statement for the account number.

But WAIT, you aren’t finished yet. Setting customized alerts to receive leak notifications is the most important step. 

How do I set alerts?

Since each of our customers’ water use is unique, there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to setting up alerts in AquaHawk. Alerts must be customized to fit your needs. Volumetric or billing thresholds (or both) notify you of abnormal water use – you can also set alerts based on projected water use.

Alerts can be set under “My Thresholds” within the customer portal. Past billing statements are a good starting point to determine appropriate thresholds that signal abnormal usage. Updating thresholds seasonally is critical to account for increased water use during the irrigation season. Consider these general guidelines (PDF) for residential customers.

What is AMI?

In 2016, PWSD began investing in state-of-the-art Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) technology. This technology elevated the way meter readings are recorded and managed, allowing customers to monitor their water use in nearly real-time. In 2019, PWSD completed the project, replacing over 14,000 meters in our service area with this advanced technology. 

Before AMI, we read meters manually, or through drive-by or walk-by reads. AMI communicates with radio towers to receive meter reads at more frequent intervals. Coupled with our customer portal, AquaHawk, our customers can now take a much more proactive approach to manage their water use.