Intermittent Discolored Water

Why does discolored water occur?

A portion of our drinking water is made up of well water that is located hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of feet below the surface of the ground. Well water can sometimes appear discolored (red or brown) because of naturally occurring minerals, such as iron and manganese. These minerals are a part of the rock sandstone formation that has existed in Colorado for millions of years.

Discolored water within the PWSD system poses no health risk to people or animals. Although discolored water is completely safe, we understand that it is an inconvenience and looks alarming.

The video below explains a bit more about why it occurs and how we're working to treat it.


  1. What can I do?
  2. What is PWSD doing?
  3. When & why does PWSD flush hydrants?

RedWater_PhoneHandWhat do I do when I have discolored water?

If you experience discolored water, call 303-841-4627. We want to hear from you because it helps inform our maintenance program to reduce future instances of discolored water.

Follow these steps to minimize the impact of the discolored water in your home.