What to do About Discolored Water

Step 1 – To reduce the amount of discolored water you pull into your plumbing system, turn off the tap, especially hot water.

Step 2 – Avoid doing laundry and don’t use hot water.

Using hot water pulls discolored water into your water heater. The minerals can settle out in your hot water tank, and then cause problems even after the discolored incident has passed. If you did happen to wash laundry and notice discoloration, don’t put laundry through the dryer. 


Step 3 – Use cold water to pull it out of your plumbing system. 

Opening an outside hose bib helps pull the water out of your pipes, and can benefit your lawn at the same time. Avoid using your irrigation system, as the increased minerals may settle out RedWater_Cold_Darkin or clogs drip emitters.

Flushing your own plumbing system might feel like a lot of water, when in fact it is only around 100-200 gallons, which costs between $1 to $2. Try to use it on plants or on your lawn so it doesn’t go to waste.

Step 4 – Remember, the water is safe.

While you may not want to bathe or do laundry, discolored water within the PWSD system is safe. It is an inconvenience, however, and we don’t want our customers to have discolored water problems. If you experience discolored water, please notify us as soon as possible, so crews can come to your neighborhood and clear the main water lines. 

Step 5 – If discolored water persists, please let us know. Give us another call at (303) 841-4627.