Cherry Creek Interceptor

The Cherry Creek Interceptor (CCI) is a supplementary project to the North Water Reclamation Facility (NWRF) expansion project. It will help direct wastewater flow from the South Water Reclamation Facility (SWRF) to the NWRF.  Map of the Cherry Creek Interceptor

The CCI will span approximately 2.5 miles in length, generally along Cherry Creek in Parker, Colorado. The pipe will extend from the existing SWRF located at 18201 Plaza Drive, north to the NWRF at 18100 East Woodman Drive. It will be comprised of 48-inch, 36-inch, 24-inch and 21-inch sewer interceptor pipe. The purpose is to divert wastewater flow from the SWRF, Clarke Farms Lift Station, Lincoln Meadows Lift Station and Challenger Park Lift Station into the NWRF for treatment.  

While the diversion will increase demand on the NWRF, PWSD plans to continue SWRF operations and the CCI will not accept flow until the NWRF headworks facility expansion is completed in Spring 2022. Construction of the CCI began in April 2020 and is scheduled to be completed in July 2021. 

What will happen to the lift stations?

The project will include the decommissioning Clarke Farms, Lincoln Meadows, and Challenger Park lift stations.  

The lift stations planned to be decommissioned are located at the following addresses:
Lincoln Meadows Lift Station - 18135 ½ Lincoln Meadows Parkway
Clarke Farms Lift Station - 10500 ½ Paxton Court
Challenger Park Lift Station - 17391 East Lincoln Avenue (building located near Pine Ln)

What is the timeline? 

Construction of the CCI began in April 2020 and is scheduled to be completed in July 2021. 

What is the budget for this? Will it affect my rates?

The current budget for the Interceptor is $14.4 million. The project was built into PWSD’s long-term plans and does not have a direct impact on rates.

Will there be any negative impacts to our community?

The project has resulted in some pathway and sidewalk closures. Some Cherry Creek crossing will have detours in place. The portion of sidewalk on the western side of Twenty Mile Road between Lincoln Meadows Parkway and Plaza Drive (next to PWSD’s South Water Reclamation Facility) will be closed from mid-January 2021 through March 2021. Additionally, PWSD will be accessing the Lincoln Meadows lift station through an easement during construction.   

Additionally, neighborhoods that abut construction will hear some construction and vehicle noise, specifically:  

  • Parking at The Depot has been impacted and residents will need to park in a neighboring hotel overflow lot during construction. 
  • The construction schedule at Westcreek has been impacted. 
  • Clarke Farms and Challenger Park will be impacted by construction noise and vehicles.  

Construction near residential areas should be complete by the end of 2020. All remaining construction will occur in commercial areas. Construction should not impact any businesses other than construction and vehicle noise. 

Who are your partners on this project?

PWSD is using various companies for this project. Key partners include Reynolds Construction, BT Construction and Jacobs Engineering. 

Are you using any new or innovative technologies?

While we are using traditional open-cut digging for portions of the Interceptor, we are trenchless technologies including hand tunneling, open- and close-faced tunnel boring. The trenchless technologies are being used in areas where the Interceptor will need to be inserted underneath existing infrastructure, such as roads or bodies of water.  

The 48-inch and 36-inch pipes used in the project will be made of fiber glass. Smaller pipes will be PVC. 

Who can I contact with questions?

Jenna Barker, Engineering Project Manager, 303-841-4627 ext. 254.