How do I protect my pipes from clogs?

Everything that is flushed, run through the garbage disposal or dumped enters the wastewater system. By doing a few simple things to protect your pipes, you can protect yourself, your family and the overall system from big problems down the road. 

To avoid back-ups into your home, we recommend: 

  • Remember the 3Ps: the ONLY things that you should ever flush are pee, poop and (toilet) paper. There is no such thing as a disposable wipe (no matter what the package says). Feminine products, prescription drugs, toys, pesticides, paint/solvents, motor oil and any other objects should be disposed of in other ways. 
  • Scheduling an annual tree root inspection/maintenance will help keep your pipes clear of debris and leaks.
  • Do not pour kitchen grease down sink. Wipe pots and pans down with a towel, or pour the grease into another container and dispose of it, before washing.  
  • Keep garbage disposal free of items that can clog your system.

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