Claim: PWSD is not forward thinking and does not have a long-term water plan.

Fact: This is false. PWSD has a robust long-term water supply plan that we have developed for more than a decade. The centerpiece of the plan is the Platte Valley Water Partnership (PVWP), which will help diversify our water portfolio so that we are less reliant on Denver Basin groundwater and instead rely on renewable water sources for 75% of our water needs once all property in Parker Water is fully developed. That project has been lauded by the State of Colorado, water leaders, elected officials, and environmental groups as a sensible approach to delivering more water to Parker.

Unlike many water projects that propose to buy and dry farmland in rural Colorado, the PVWP is built on a unique partnership between PWSD and the Lower South Platte Water Conservancy District in the northeastern corner of the state. The partnership’s approach will provide both farmers and Front Range residents with much-needed water by using new and existing infrastructure to capture and store South Platte River water, mostly in the spring and during storm events. This is water that currently leaves Colorado in quantities that exceed the state’s compact agreements with Nebraska and other downstream states.

As part of the project, PWSD is currently in the process of securing the necessary water rights, attracting more partners for the project to help defray costs, and acquiring the land and easements needed for the project infrastructure. We anticipate the project will begin to provide water to our customers in the late 2030s.

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1. Claim: PWSD is not forward thinking and does not have a long-term water plan.
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