Claim: PWSD does not support the Douglas County Water Commission and actively attack it.

Fact: PWSD does not have a position for or against the Douglas County Water Commission and supports its stated goal “to encourage consolidations, renewal/reuse solutions, and address rural water issues." PWSD strongly supports working with other organizations on projects and resources. In fact one of our current board members, Don Langley, is on the Commission and currently serves as its Vice Chair. Additionally, two other PWSD board members, Merlin Klotz and Bill Wasserman, serve as alternates on the Commission.

We will continue to keep our focus on working for our customers while pursuing our long-term water plans, including the Platte Valley Water Partnership, and would oppose any plans that would remove the autonomy individual districts currently have in determining the best path forward to secure sustainable water for their communities.

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1. Claim: PWSD is not forward thinking and does not have a long-term water plan.
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4. Claim: PWSD does not support the Douglas County Water Commission and actively attack it.
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